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HDR Process The Perfect Wave

This the result of read HDR Tutorial from Trey Ratcliff. A free simple 6 steps tutorial for understand better the HDR process and tricks for a better result.

Original RAW Image

This photo was take on “La Herradura” beach on august 19th, the weather was not good the sky its a little plain and with the particular light of my lovely Lima. Edgard Asencios and Christian Vinces help me with the camera setup according the light condition and the speech about to work on Tiff instead of Jpg for a better HDR result. Here´s a photo from that day by Manuel Barreda (Edgar,Alex and Christian). Well this is the original picture, but like Trey Ratcliff says “look at the world in HDR”.

Original RAW -The Perfect Wave - HDR Photography


This is my first HDR try of course i change the temperature and saturation. For the comments of my flickrians friends, specialy from Christian Vinces i was very unhappy with the this result for a long time.
First HDR try

Start again

For this case i created 5 different exposures from the raw file.
From left to right 2,1,0,-1 and -2
5 steps - The Perfect Wave - HDR Photography

Photomatix Pro Result

Using the recomendation on the tutorial the images its to dark, but this is only the begining.
Photomatix Pro Result - The Perfect Wave - HDR Photography

Lets play

Into the Photoshop i use 3 images (from left to rigth) the original photo, the Photomatix Pro result and the RAW importer on Photoshop. Well this was the most difficult part but it works.
Into Photoshop - The Perfect Wave - HDR Photography

Ta ta ta tannnnn

The final result and this time im happy 🙂
The Perfect Wave - HDR Photography

Thanks to Trey Ratcliff for HDR Tutorial you can follow him on twitter @TreyRatcliff and don´t miss his photostream on flickr.

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